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About Air Link

About Air Link

Proven Quality

Air Link International is the leading full service company offering quality and efficient custom solutions for pneumatic tube systems. Family-owned and operated, the company has offered high-quality products to some of the world's leading companies for 40 years. Originally established by pneumatic tube system veterans who boast experience in engineering, production, sales and support, Air Link today supports more than 20,000 system installations worldwide in over 10 countries.

No Matter Your Needs, We Can Deliver

Air Link International designs and manufactures its own components right in the U.S., making us one of the more reliable and efficient companies in the nation. With a nationwide network of factory trained technicians, Air Link customers can rest assured they are getting the highest quality service available in the industry.

Air Link's systems provide an efficient and economical answer to those wanting a fast and reliable method for transporting mail, cash, paperwork, lab samples, medications and other material from point to point through out your facility. Our systems range from a basic point-to-point system, to a fully automatic system integrating your whole company.

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