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Even the smallest distraction on a busy manufacturing floor can lead to compromised quality, reduced productivity, or even an increased chance of safety hazards with equipment operators. 

Frequent stopping of production to hand carry sales orders, test lab samples, accounting, production scheduling or other related documentation can create such distractions and leave you with production downtime on the floor.  Air Link pneumatic tube systems allow for the timely transport of materials from the production floor to accounting, shipping, processing, testing and other areas within the facility without the need of hand walking. Air Link pneumatic tube systems improve overall plant efficiency and operations by eliminating hand delivering documents from one area to another.  Rely on Air Link's pneumatic tube systems to help you safely and securely transport a variety of materials, both small and large.

As a provider to the manufacturing industry for over 30 years, Air Link is a leader in producing proven, reliable pneumatic tube system equipment for manufacturing organizations across the country. Comprised of high-quality, long-lasting components, our tube systems create a return on investment in less than a year for many of our customers and reduce the need for expensive future life cycle costs. And if you do experience a problem with your system, our local service technicians are available nation-wide to ensure that your pneumatic tube system performs at optimal speed and precision.

Air Link pneumatic tube systems are also customizable, allowing for the most-cost effective solution for low, medium and high volume transportation needs. And with over 30 years of experience, Air Link pneumatic tube systems are refined to create the utmost in ease of use and maintenance.

Ideal For:

  • Manufacturing
  • Production
  • Fabrication & Process Facilities
  • Food
  • Chemical
  • Metals
  • Equipment
  • Paper
  • Semiconductor/Electronics
  • Rubber & Plastics

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